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In Personalized Medicine Logistics, Technology = Transparency and Scalability
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Scott Ohanesian, SVP Commercial Operations, QuickSTAT

Supply Chain Complexity Requires Sophisticated IT Systems to Synchronize the Process Throughout the last decade, the pharmaceutical and biotech industry has increased investments, research, and development in personalized medicine. The...

Managing Risk and Minimizing the Complexity of Your Global Single-use Supply Chain
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Timothy Korwan, Director of Integrated Solutions, Avantor

With the rapid growth of single-use systems (SUS) for drug production, especially by drug manufacturers with multiple locations across the globe, there are many risks associated with underestimating the regulatory compliance, manufacturing,...

On-Premise versus Cloud: The Better Option
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Denise Zabawski, CIO, Nationwide Children's Hospital

The convergence of several factors recently helped us integrate a larger infrastructure presence in “the cloud” into our IT strategy. This year we recruited two nationally recognized Genomics researchers and their teams. At their...

Post-Genomic Era Drug Development Project Management Requires Knowledge Management
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Eric Walter Theodore Chojnicki, Director CMC Project Management, Allergan

The successful development of a drug in the post-genomic era of drug development requires infrastructure and good project management practices for the management of the knowledge necessary to facilitate strategic decisions. A Strategic...

Accelerating Drug Development With Cloud-Based Computing
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Cynthia A. Challener, Ph.D, Scientific Content Director, That’s Nice LLC

Drug development is a time-consuming and costly enterprise. It takes on average more than 10 years to receive regulatory approval for new medicines, and the average cost to develop a new drug is estimated to be $2.6 billion-double that just...

AI Can Improve Patient Outcomes, but will Pharma Get there Quickly Enough?
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Ryan Billings, MS, MBA, Executive Director, Digital Engagement, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

No matter what industry you’re in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. It’s the shiniest of the shiny and new, and it’s everywhere. In pop culture alone it’s the central theme of HBO’s Westworld,...

IT Services at the FDA
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Todd Simpson, CIO, FDA

What is service and what does it mean to be service oriented? A service is the sum of the people, processes and technologies required to enable users to achieve their desired business outcome. The Office of Information Management and Technology...

Are life Sciences and Healthcare Companies Coping with the Digital Disruption
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Ilkka Salminen, Director, Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

Technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, disrupting and transforming our lives at the same time. In the last couple of years, digital technologies have changed our daily lives, allowing us to order taxis through phone apps, make...

Smart Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management
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Daniel Cavallin, CIO, Celistics

The term “logistics” has its roots in the Roman military, but when we talk about “supply chain”, it is a relatively new term, dating back to the 1980s. It is essential to understand the concept first before innovating or...

Driving an IdeologyShift in Logistics - Customer Experience is Paramount
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Prasad Juvekar, Global Logistics, Bayer Crop Science

Logistics is on the verge of adopting a new identity within the supply chain.  A function that originated in the army for mobilization of resources,has rapidly morphed into land deliveries by drone and piloted driverless trucks on the...

Next-Generation Commercial Data Management Systems for Biopharmaceuticals
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Ashwin Athri, SVP, Precision for Value

How often is there a business-critical problem statement that requires analysis of various data assets that you have invested time and money to procure and manage, and you hear from the team that: • The data don’t really talk to each...

The Evolution of Adaptive Patient and Site Services
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Christian Burns, Director of Clinical Operations and Patient Recruitment, ClinEdge

The clinical research industry is witnessing a shift in how sponsors, research clinics, and patients collaborate. Clinical trials are increasing in complexity and are continually aiming to target niche patient populations, which has only...

Employment of High Speed Computing To Support Advancing Genomics
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Amalgamation of genomics with technology has paved the way for infinite possibilities for the treatment of chronic illnesses. However, genome sequencing experiments often consume several petabytes of data and researchers are often in need of...

Emerging Biopharma Gains Competitive Advantage in the Cloud
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Doug Caldwell, Vice President, Customer Architecture, Veeva Systems

The probability of receiving FDA approval for a new drug is less than 10 percent–and as low as 5.1 percent for oncology medicines. Small and emerging companies typically invest more than a decade of time and money into drug development, with...

Infusing Deception Technology into Cybersecurity
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Deception technology is built on the notion of mimicking a network's actual IT assets using decoys and traps, while deception technology initially required considerable manual labor and expertise to deploy, monitor, and maintain. Nevertheless,...

Swimming in the Cloud, Drowning in Big Data
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Darren Cockrel, CIO, Coyote Logistics, a UPS Company [NYSE: UPS]

Cloud solutions have pierced the enterprise space, opening new possibilities for agility. If you look around, it's gotten very cloudy! Applications for human resources, expense management, and corporate training would require special...

Simplify Supply Chain with Technology
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Stuart Scott, EVP and CIO, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. [NASDAQ: JBHT]

Internet of Things (IoT) for Logistics and Supply Chain Industry According to research and advisory firm Gartner, five billion devices are connected to the internet today. By the year 2020, that number is projected to grow to twenty billion....

Frustrations of a Healthcare CIO
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Mark Crandall, CIO, Consulate Health Care

As a national leading provider of senior healthcare services to 150 care centers in 15 states, Consulate Health Care has grown with a strong focus on patient needs. When I took the post as CIO back in 2014, my team was driven by company goals...

Refining Strategies to Ace Data Challenge
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Greg Woff, CIO, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Balancing technology services for our customers is a tremendous challenge. Figuring out where to invest scarce IT funds has always been difficult. In Life Sciences, the confluence of protected data (PHI) and ‘big data’ creates an even...

Let's Get Smarter About Information Management to Succeed in Population Health
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Rhonda Medows, M.D., EVP of Population Health, Providence St. Joseph Health

With the increasing emphasis on value-based care, population health will continue as a driving force for American health systems. Our success lies in better information management because data is the DNA of any effective population health effort....
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