ACT Laboratories Inc.: Raising the Bar of Cannabis Medicine

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ACT Laboratories Inc.: Raising the Bar of Cannabis Medicine

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Bob Miller, COO, ACT LaboratoriesBob Miller, COO
Traumatic experiences can make a lasting impact on human life, sometimes paving a new path unimagined before. ACT Laboratories Inc., a life science company, is an outcome of such a grueling personal experience. Injured in an accident, the co-founder of ACT Laboratories was introduced to the profound impact of Cannabis as a medicine. Impressed, he researched on the gaps in the Cannabis market and learned about the massive lack in drug development and patient safety. He set on a mission to enhance patient safety by bringing the Cannabis medicine at par with the pharma industry standards, and built a strong team with individuals from diverse industry backgrounds: microbiologists, researchers, pharmaceutical industry, technology experts, and most importantly, Cannabis medicine proponents. With such talent, ACT Laboratories is delivering expert consulting and testing services. “With our unique and reliable test services and strong partnerships with clients, partners, and regulators, we are accelerating Cannabis drug development,” says Logan Morse, the CEO of ACT Laboratories.

Being at the intersection of Cannabis growers and processors, ACT Laboratories recognizes challenges faced by both the parties and strives to address them through science and technology. The lack of access to crucial data across the drug development lifecycle, from drug discovery to regulatory approval, has stifled innovation in the Cannabis medicine domain. “We solve the industry problems by bringing reliable and accurate data for safe and effective Cannabis medicine,” says Bob Miller, the COO of the company.

“The earlier we get involved in their current process, the more consultative we can be,” affirms Morse. During the initial interaction, team ACT Laboratories understands client’s business needs, maturity level of their operations, and works closely with their leadership to develop an effective strategy to tackle the problems.
Whether they have been recently awarded a license to build a facility, or they have issues with irrigation, air-conditioning, dry racks, microbial, or lighting in their existing facility, ACT Laboratories has a solution to every riddle faced by its clients.

ACT Laboratories takes an analytical approach in its testing strategy, focusing on a diverse range of areas and assays. The company’s dedicated QA department maintains an oversight of the operations for accurate assessment of the product under test.

On the operations side, ACT Laboratories’ technicians focus on isolating issues, whether it is a microbiological issue or other, to ensure high plant quality. “With such an all-encompassing engagement strategy, we act as the brain and hands of our clients, putting together the missing pieces of the puzzle to cater to the unique client requirements,” adds Miller.

Currently operating in four states with a fifth state coming on board within a month and two more states planned for later this year ACT Laboratories deeply understands the state regulations and works closely with the regulators to make it easy for its clients to stay one step ahead of the regulatory challenges. Its regulatory compliance function tracks changes in the regulations, enabling clients to respond to those changes in a timely fashion. Interestingly, ACT Laboratories supports both the participants, keeping its clients up-to-date with regulatory information while working with the regulators to provide multi-state perspectives to tailor the regulations in a way that enhances product safety.

In a case study, a Cannabis processor had submitted to ACT Laboratories their flower samples, which had been showing microbe failure periodically. Based on the results generated, ACT Laboratories had its microbiology and cultivation experts visit the client’s site and recommend changes in the handling of their produce and storage, which ultimately rectified the situation.

ACT Laboratories will focus on automation and gene therapy in the future. The company also stresses introducing PCR testing methods across its network to rectify shortcomings with traditional microbiology methods. Constantly aiming to expand its regional presence, ACT Laboratories takes the best practices in one state to other states, and this knowledge has emerged as the holy grail for companies operating in the industry.
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ACT Laboratories

Lansing, Michigan

Bob Miller, COO

ACT Laboratories, Inc. is the industry leader in cannabis safety compliance testing. Each offering within our range of cannabis testing services is accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, ensuring methods are fully validated and independently reviewed. We provide peace of mind to patients by verifying that their medicine is properly dosed and free of harmful levels of contaminants. Reliable testing results and so much more. Combining the most advanced analytical laboratory science with decades of experience in optimizing and troubleshooting cannabis production processes, ACT plays a key role in the success of its partners. If there is a surprise on your sample test report, ACT’s specialists will work personally with you to provide interpretation and to assist in developing strategies for product improvement. Our up-front solutions have saved our clients countless hours of trial and error, making ACT the top choice for lab services among many of the nation’s top producers

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