Beghou Consulting: Elevating Life Sciences Commercial Operations With New Technology

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Beghou Consulting: Elevating Life Sciences Commercial Operations With New Technology

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Dan Cardinal, Associate Partner, Beghou ConsultingDan Cardinal, Associate Partner
Pharmaceutical sales and marketing firm Beghou Consulting noticed life sciences companies struggling to combine prescription, claims and payer data with valuable information from the field. Unhappy with off-the-shelf and custom solutions, it created Mainsail™, a configurable, cloud-based application development platform.

Based on Beghou’s nearly 30 years’ experience working with data in the pharma industry, Mainsail helps life sciences companies optimize their commercial operations by collecting, organizing and sharing data quickly and effectively.

“Mainsail began as a call planning software that sales forces could use to identify physician-customers and plan interactions with them. It has since evolved into a full-service reporting and analytics platform,” says Associate Partner, Dan Cardinal, who leads the firm’s software development. “Mainsail collects important data and information and allows our consultants to define the logic behind custom reports.”

Built on Beghou’s proprietary SaaS platform, Mainsail serves as a better alternative to custom applications—which are expensive and difficult to maintain—and large, third-party platforms that often don’t fit a company’s needs particularly well.

“Mainsail has been vital in helping us gather business information from our sales force and commercial operations teams,” says Nick Albert, director of field operations and training at Radius Health. “Beghou’s flexibility and responsiveness allow us to track and manage many elements of our sales and marketing efforts, making the field force efficient in their execution.”

Mainsail covers a wide spectrum of customer needs— from headquarter activities such as roster and incentive compensation management, alignment maintenance, and forecasting; to sales force activities such as pre-launch customer profiling, traditional CRM activities, sales planning, and incentive compensation reporting.

“The Mainsail platform is custom-configured for a company’s unique data and evolving needs.

Our experienced consultants work directly with our software developers, then analyze and present the data to clients. The goal is to create a seamless customer experience

Our experienced consultants work directly with our software developers, then analyze and present the data to clients,” says Cardinal. “The goal is to create a seamless customer experience. For example, emerging pharma companies may use the platform for CRM, profiling and targeting—all of which, when combined, help commercial teams develop effective sales and marketing strategies".

Additionally, Mainsail’s native iOS application integrates with several device features, such as the camera, geolocation and spotlight search, and allows the sales force to work offline.

“Mainsail has played a critical role for us in customer and roster management, and also feeds into our reporting and analytics capability,” says Albert. “We use this platform and the information it provides on an ongoing basis to improve our commercial operations and data management processes.”

Beyond Commercial Operations

Mainsail’s latest capabilities include affiliations and market access account management. The sales force can view top physician-prescribers in a particular territory and enter or adjust on-the-spot customer data, such as a physician’s affiliations with institutions or group practices, accessibility to sales reps, or attitude toward a product. Market access account teams can use Mainsail to collect, organize and manage payer and pharmacy benefit manager information by identifying key stakeholders, tracking formulary coverage and managing active and complex account plans.

Additional recent enhancements include a real-time search function that deploys while adding new physicians, which reduces data duplication. Improved mapping capabilities and integration with Beghou’s cloud-based data management software, ARMADA, have also been added to the platform.

“Recent proliferation of cloud offerings brings opportunities for data connections and exchanges between vendors, transparent and accessible data processing, and analytics methods such as machine learning,” says Cardinal. “We look forward to helping life sciences companies leverage technology and solve commercial operations challenges in new ways by combining our consulting expertise with developing new software that further serves the industry.”
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Beghou Consulting

Evanston, IL

Dan Cardinal, Associate Partner

Beghou Consulting provides sales force and marketing consulting services to clients in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. The company brings significant expertise in addressing sales and marketing issues and in developing advanced analytic approaches to support its clients'decision-making. Beghou Consulting prides itself on its growing list of long-term clients, for whom they deliver an increasing array of services and analyses. The company’s clients are developing and launching innovative, high-profile products, and as such, require a partner that provides similarly creative insights and processes to support their sales force and marketing management