Evalytica: Unleashing the Evidence Trapped in Real - World Patient Data

Evalytica: Unleashing the Evidence Trapped in Real - World Patient Data

CIO VendorStephanie Reisinger, VP, Technology Solution
There is no stopping big data. The velocity with which data are being generated is only expected to increase in volume and variety in the coming years. Companies across every industry are investing resources to capitalize on the vast wealth of data becoming available. In the life sciences arena, observational data, or data from the “real world,” have become increasingly important as new advancements in technology have allowed for faster, less expensive and more efficient analyses. Additionally, regulators, payers and other stakeholders are especially interested in understanding more around how a drug performs outside of the highly constrained world of clinical trials. “The role of Real-World Evidence (RWE) extracted from varied datasets is no longer limited to proving drug safety but extends to supporting the value of a particular pharmaceutical product,” remarks Stephanie Reisinger, Vice President, Technology Solutions, Evidera.

To address these challenges, Evidera just launched Evalytica™, software that delivers fast and transparent analysis of healthcare data. Evalytica’s team of software engineers and researchers extract relevant real-world data from heterogeneous data sources and analyze it to provide clear descriptions of treatment patterns, resource use and costs associated with a disease, and factors that determine outcomes.“Since we convert these massive heterogeneous data sets into a common data model our clients are able to get more out of their data faster, which helps them support their value proposition,” says Reisinger.

Unleashing critical insights and the evidence-generation potential trapped inside real-world patient data is at the heart of Evalytica—a powerful cloud-based, analytic software. “Our solution is comprised of extensive analytic capabilities and an intuitive user interface that supports both simple data queries and complex analyses,” explains Reisinger. A prominent feature of Evalytica is its scalable cloud-based infrastructure that delivers near real-time analysis and storage for huge volumes of real-world data.

Evidera’s overall vision in developing Evalytica was to create a next-generation, collaborative analytic platform that goes beyond the capabilities of current data query tools

Evalytica also features collaboration capabilities that enable the creation of communities to share data and work together on a common area of interest, such as a therapeutic area or drug. “Many of our clients have large, global teams. Having one platform to discuss, communicate and disseminate results has been of paramount importance for them,” says Reisinger. Additionally, a library of patient cohort and health outcome definitions can be curated, searched, shared and re-used across all users and communities. Reusable definitions negate the need for rewriting programs, and an existing definition or study protocol can be used by different collaborative analytic communities.

“We are fortunate to be a part of Evidera, a company with strong scientists and researchers. When clients subscribe to Evalytica, researchers for both organizations can–in real time— work together on challenging issues such as defining patient population, conducting interactive protocol design and performing sensitivity analysis,” says Reisinger.

In the future, Evalytica will enhance the transparency of data standards across the pharmaceutical sector by using the OMOP common data model and published analytic methods. This will provide transparency and yield results that may be used in publications or submissions. “We call this big vision ‘analytics democratization,’ where organizations can develop their own analytic methods, based on the OMOP standard and publish them for use by others,” notes Reisinger. Going forward, Evalytica will continue to invest in innovations, guided by their mission to offer unparalleled, next generation software that unleashes the evidence generation potential trapped inside rapidly growing and diverse sources of real-world patient data.