Franz INC: Transforming Data into Knowledgeable Insight

Franz INC: Transforming Data into Knowledgeable Insight

CIO VendorJans Asman, CEO
Today the efficacy of data-driven platforms depends largely on the ability to analyze data from a myriad of sources. With an explosion of data in the pharmaceutical industry, drug discovery has become an incredibly complex process. “The challenge is to effectively link structured and unstructured data within the Enterprise along with external sources in order to create new knowledge for your domain of interest” said Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO, Franz Inc. “Our Company provides the ability to quickly analyze structured or unstructured data from heterogeneous sources.” Franz is rapidly changing the way knowledge is delivered within the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2005, Franz initiated a development program focused on scalable Semantic Web technologies. This effort led to the development of AllegroGraph, a transactional and scalable, ACID compliant Semantic Graph Database optimized to store and query Linked Data.

“Unlike traditional relational databases, AllegroGraph provides the unique ability to link data, without manual user intervention, coding, or the database being explicitly pre-structured,” said Dr. Aasman “AllegroGraph processes data with contextual and conceptual intelligence to resolve queries and help clients build predictive analytics, which help them make better, real-time decisions.”

Franz recently announced the first Semantic Data Lake for Healthcare, collaboration with Montefiore Medical Center (the eighth largest hospital in the U.S.), Intel, Cloudera and Cisco. The Semantic Data Lake platform enables knowledge-based analytics, classification, pattern recognition, predictive modeling, and simulations for personalized medicine.

We have always been in the business of ‘solving complexity’. From our origins in the Artificial Intelligence boom, through our advanced capabilities in Graph Search and now as part of our Semantic Data Lake project, we provide powerful solution to complex challenges in the enterprise

The platform integrates complex information for basic science, clinical, population, community, environmental, behavioral and wellness research data.

Making sense out of big data is a challenge, particularly in the healthcare industry where information comes from a variety of sources and in different forms including structured, unstructured, images, temporal, geo-location and medical equipment data,” said Dr. Jans Aasman. “With our Semantic Data Lake we quickly ingest many types of data into a single system and apply Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and visual data exploration to discover new relationships between data that can save lives and improve care.”

Today only a small percentage of healthcare organizations use advanced predictive analytics and practicing Personalized Medicine continues to be out of reach for most medical professionals. Franz aims to capitalize on this market opportunity by focusing on Personalized Medicine where their solutions can solve extremely complex problems in healthcare and new pharmaceutical discovery. Through a semantic approach, Franz is delivering solutions that transform and integrate unstructured and structured data for critical real-time insights that fuel discoveries, improve efficiencies, and provide personalized predictions for patients