Metrendalytics: Reforming the Bioanalytical Laboratory through Operational Innovation

Metrendalytics: Reforming the Bioanalytical Laboratory through Operational Innovation

CIO VendorJahanara (Jan) Miotto, President
The bioanalytical, and other types of laboratories have evolved to develop and deploy multiple systems focused on scientific data acquisition. However, there exists a technological gap in the way these systems communicate with each other and the ability to leverage this data to drive better business decisions. Also, a multitude of laboratories still manage a significant part of their project lifecycle through paper-based processes that are fragmented and prone to errors. Transforming these legacy structures into more modern digital models could result in a large administrative burden for these entities as well as incur huge costs for their business. Moreover, in order to render this kind of transformation, a significant part of operational data is imperative, which unlike clinical data currently lacks industry defined standards to support the interchange of data between various data acquisition sources and an operational database. This is where Metrendalytics changes the game through its custom solution development targeting operational innovation.

The company provides a robust data framework for converging multiple data sources, existing internally within organizations and externally with CROs, allowing laboratories to acquire enriched insights through data analytics. Jahanara (Jan) Miotto, President of Metrendalytics, says, “Our goal is to provide a single platform that the end user can use to see how their businesses are running and this results in better planning, quicker turnaround time, and significant core savings.”

Sharing Metrendalytics’ inception story, Jan recalls the day she was appointed as the project lead in a fully-outsourced organization that was reluctant to implement clinical trial management system(CTMS), recognizing that a better approach would be to leverage its data already residing with four different CROs.
With a tight budget and limited resources, Jan began to look at other industry verticals searching for cost-effective alternatives to bring the data together. After studying and analyzing the key data needed to actively manage study trial execution and vendor oversight, Jan finally found success in devising a cost effective way to standardize and converge the data together in a single informatics platform. Upon discussing this novel approach within industry circles, Jan’s methodology proved to be effective and unique. Taking this idea further and combining it with her laboratory background, to develop an informative platform that addresses the data analytics concerns in laboratory operations, Jan marked the genesis of Metrendalytics. “Sometimes best business ideas come from our previous bad experiences. As a company, we are all ex-pharma executives and operational managers wanting to develop better solutions for the industry. Our approach has been very impactful because we have been there in the shoes of our clients and we know their pain,” says Jan.

Metrendalytics understands the pain points and processes of the client and draws a roadmap of applications needed to be developed and integrated within their ecosystems. Unlike the multiple spreadsheets model followed by most laboratories where these spreadsheets are loaded with same information time and again, Metrendalytics’ platform ensures that the data follows a linear path flowing from the source while getting repurposed for downstream operations. The company also eliminates the re-entry of information by connecting existing single point software solutions within a centralized database. All information is stored in one place removing the need for spreadsheets.

Metrendalytics’ application provides the user with a 360-degree view of the entire project status. The platform is also equipped with a reporting system that can capture the activity of the projects on a daily basis through imported data acquired from various sources. “We envision expanding our platform to create an automated report generator providing the ability to generate a GLP final report with the click of a button now that we have the data from key sources in one place,” adds Jan. Metrendalytics is also focused on embarking on cross-technology ventures in the near future collaborating with blockchain technology in terms of supply chain management and sample tracking.