Optimal Strategix Group: Driving Pharma with Customer-centric Analytics

Optimal Strategix Group: Driving Pharma with Customer-centric Analytics

CIO VendorDr. R. Sukumar Founder & President
A Professor of Marketing for 20 years, Dr. R. Sukumar, Founder and President of Optimal Strategix Group (OSG), is on a mission to help pharmaceutical companies become truly customer-centric across its stakeholders encompassing practitioners, payers, and patients. He believes it is critical that pharma companies thoroughly understand what motivates the behaviors of these stakeholders to do a better job of delivering new drugs from concept to commercialization.

Though CIOs are trained to capture data in Enterprise Data Warehouse systems, they often find it hard to connect it with stakeholders and are unable to identify the factors that motivate the behaviors of these stakeholders. Analytics is a powerful tool that plays the role of facilitator in shaping business decisions by understanding behaviours. To this end, OSG’s approach and technology platform empowers CIOs to understand how to enrich digital data with powerful analytics that combines historical data with forward-looking customer-centric approaches. “These will be guaranteed to deliver results in both the commercial as well as the clinical operations area,” remarks Sukumar.

The innovative analytics company, OSG, delivers these values through its ASEMAPTM methodology that leads to personalization of behavioral attributes. “ASEMAPTM methodology delivers highest predictive accuracy, ability to discriminate and individualize customer experience, handles a large number of attributes, and works with small sample sizes to quantify what truly will help change customer behavior,” explains Sukumar.

Enabled by the power of IBM Watson with the value of ASEMAPTM is OSG’s CAVIITM–a technology platform. CAVIITM helps in implementing patient-centric retention and management strategies that keeps patients engaged during a clinical trial. “By providing patients with the right information, incentives, and insights into their disease and disease management, and ensuring that the right behavioral levers motivate the patients to stay engaged, OSG is able to lower the cost of clinical trials by as much as 20 percent.”

CAVIITM helps globalize healthcare and makes access to healthcare ubiquitous through its unique and universal patient engagement and management platform

Further, for new drug launches, CAVIITM excels as the premium platform to understand patient engagement, providing real world evidence and ensuring life cycle management. CAVIITM’s RWE analytics provide great guidance in future innovations and life cycle management solutions. “More importantly, CAVIITM helps globalize healthcare and makes access to healthcare ubiquitous through its unique and universal patient engagement and management platform,” informs Sukumar.

In an instance, one of OSG’s clients from the pharmaceutical industry earlier focused on the traditional reduction in HbA1c measures in drug preparation for diabetes. OSG stepped in and helped the client to focus on the specific needs of patients alongside focusing on reduction in HbA1c measures. Sukumar extols, “The resulting differentiation led to a successful new product launch, making the client the leader in its class of diabetes drugs.”

Besides, OSG provides Account Intelligence Mobile applications that empower sales representatives to understand the needs of a particular physician, empowering them to qualify the physicians, and help them change their prescribing behaviours for better health outcomes.

OSG is relentlessly improving its algorithms to enhance the understanding of the emotional and functional drivers of customer behavior and is always exploring avenues of improving its forward-looking analytics platform. For the future, OSG is adopting latest privacy and security technologies while developing new dashboard and algorithms. Additionally, “OSG is continuously looking to integrate verbal, facial, and other forms of tactile or sensory data to help improve an understanding of the emotional needs,” says Sukumar. These efforts are focused on bringing greater emphasis to the personalization in the context of not only future needs but also to the changing environment and digital experiences stakeholders are facing all around.