Peloton Group: Building a

Peloton Group: Building a

CIO VendorGuy Daniello, CEO and Founder Guy Daniello, CEO and Founder of Peloton, is a firm believer in James Collin’s famous lines from the book ‘Good to Great.’ Collins says that leaders of companies that go from good to great, start not with “where,” but with “who.” They start by getting the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats. Focused on building a culture based on inspired purpose and core values, Daniello spearheads Peloton with the belief that working with the right people in the right organization can help achieve business goals faster—like in the case of Peloton. With a clear focus on driving business transformation leveraging analytics, Peloton a professional services firm, head quared in Boston, MA, specializes in enterprise performance management, business analytics, and cloud solutions. The firm provides management and information technology Advisory, Implementation, and Managed services. Peloton is effective at aligning an organization’s strategic goals and objectives with applications and solutions across the life sciences value chain.

A Holistic, Transformative Approach

Life sciences companies today face increased difficulties around harnessing the vast amount of external and internal data to better manage the entire value chain of the organization. This includes new drug discovery, clinical trial management, visibility to commercialization and manufacturing processes, as well as broader business planning and forecasting. “We strongly believe in using a holistic, transformative approach–addressing the people, process, data, and technology components associated with these challenges,” says Mike McHugh, Vice President at Peloton and Lead Architect for the Life Sciences Practice. “Our ultimate goal of a transformative initiative is to drive end-user adoption and tangible results. It is essential to have a clear vision of the end result along with a collaborative process to achieve those goals,” adds Daniello. Specifically for life sciences, the company has developed accelerators for clinical trials discovery solutions, leveraging the Oracle big data discovery solution set, and integrated planning and forecasting modules for bothon-premise and cloud deployments.

Additionally, purpose-built Commercial of the Shelf (COTS)solutions, cloud architectures, and the focus on compliance, security, and access have ensured an ever-present need for a holistic design. Peloton plays an integral role and provides great value in the architecture across these applications, integration, and analytic capabilities on top of these applications. These offerings go past the traditional on-premise implementations that the community is used to. Cloud based architectures offer significant cost savings, while providing flexible and scalable environments that are in control of the customer.

Peloton provides proven approaches and capabilities to enable its clients to take advantage of the cloud and make the transition to cloud and hybrid environments. The company is current on U.S. based industry standards such as Food and Drug Administration(FDA), as well as international standards, which institute governance over the life cycle of a product from inception through manufacturing and ultimately to post-market. “We address regulatory compliant and GxP validated solutions through a structured process.

Our ultimate goal of a transformative initiative is to drive end-user adoption and tangible results

Peloton leads the way with some of the most advanced analytics solutions in the market, by enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data on top of a sound information architecture,” asserts McHugh.

Mike McHugh, VP

An Exceptional Team-based Outlook

Passionate about delivering great value to the clients, the success stories of Peloton speak volumes about their expertise in the life science landscape. In a compelling example, Biogen—an international, multi-billion dollar biotech firm focused on therapies for people living with serious neurological, autoimmune and rare diseases was focused on their corporate strategic objective to improve analytical capabilities throughout the organization. In order to provide better visibility into the vast amount of operational and financial data across their entire clinical trial portfolio, Peloton built a data-discovery application leveraging Oracle technology to calculate and visualize key metrics such as spend-by stage “burn rate” using actual and baseline financial results. As a result, Biogen now has increased visibility to clinical trial financial and operational metrics as well as access to trend analytics at their fingertips at every stage of the clinical trial for all products in their vast portfolio.

Peloton has also enabled numerous life sciences clients to meet the ever-evolving financial forecasting and reporting needs. Ariad Pharmaceuticals, An oncology firm, focused on transforming lives of cancer patients with breakthrough medicines, was in need of a strategic transformation within their current planning and reporting platforms. The client’s planning and reporting cycles involved time consuming manual processes. Ariad was in need of improved capabilities while reducing costs to maintain the environment. Peloton worked with the firm to migrate their financial planning and forecast solutons to the cloud and helped the client implement targeted enhancements to improve visibility and reduce administrative steps.“Peloton made the transition to the cloud seamless thanks to their knowledgeable and collaborative implementation approach. Through our finance transformation initiative, we have simplified administrative tasks, streamlined business processes and reduced system downtime, which has led to a faster planning cycle and easier reporting during the close process,” said Charles Allen, Director of FP&A at ARIAD Pharmaceuticals.

While the outcomes are remarkable, these initiatives would be impossible without Peloton’s exceptional team based culture. Even the genesis of the name demonstrates the company’s commitment to working closely together to harness the collective experiences to achieve greater levels of efficiency. “The key concept of Peloton is helping companies leveraging information to be more efficient in how they operate and perform faster in the marketplace,” says Daniello.
“In the sport of cycling, a peloton is a group of riders that work together in a pack. The pack working together is dramatically more aerodynamic, enabling riders in the pack to ride up to 40 percent more efficiently; while being able to go significantly faster,” Daniello continues. As a team, Peloton partners with their clients to be more efficient and go faster in achieving their goals and objectives. We have built the firm with leveraging many great professionals working together to effectively build Peloton. “As a passionate cyclist, it is extremely rewarding to see the momentum the team has created in the market place and how we have to helped clients achieve their business goals.

”The key concept of Peloton is helping companies leveraging information to be more efficient in how they operate and perform faster in the marketplace"

A Change Management Process

Driving adoption and time to value, Peloton’s Breakaway is a proven, innovative approach to designing, developing and implementing enterprise performance management and business analytics solutions. This methodology provides individuals the ability to engage throughout the project life cycle enabling them to learn, experience, and work with new technology and process changes. Breakaway also drives the technology implementation, process improvement, and change management process through active client participation.

Raymond Nieuwenhuizen, SVP

“As a part of the breakaway process, we leverage interactive education and solution review meetings called Business Adoption Modeling sessions, to keep the clients engaged throughout the development process. This ensures that the business and IT stakeholders are fully involved,” says Raymond Nieuwenhuizen, Senior Vice President at Peloton. The company also leverages its state-of-the-art Peloton Performance Center, which houses the latest Business Analytics applications and engineered systems, as well as dedicated cloud modules. This enables Peloton to model potential design options for clients by bringing a solution to life and testing alternative approaches, iterating through options and prototyping key functionality.

Leading Business Transformation

A clear leader in life sciences solutions, Peloton continues to expand the breadth and depth of its industry focused team and capabilities across the life sciences value chain. For the road ahead, the company will continue to partner with life sciences application solution providers and embrace the transition to the cloud and big data. Additionally, Peloton plans to continue to bring on professionals with deep industry expertise from both business and technology backgrounds and expand regionally to serve multinational clients.“As the technology landscape changes, we will lead the pace of change and be the backbone for forward looking companies that are keen to harness the power of analytics,” concludes Daniello.
- Aishwarya Kannan
    December 22, 2015