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PharmaForce International: Simplifying Decision Making

CIO VendorLorrie Berg-Henne, Director
Founded in 1995, PharmaForce International quickly evolved from a small research firm into a highly specialized, global firm that services the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The company gathers primary research that provides clients with benchmarking and intelligence used to guide commercial operations and market strategy.

By positioning employees around the globe, PharmaForce has managed to conduct in-depth research in thirty-two countries, with an eye on expanding that number to reflect trends in emerging markets. Their clients appreciate the thorough approach they take to gathering highly authoritative intelligence – rather than relying on internet surveys and secondary sources, they conduct personal interviews, triangulate all information, and have senior analysts review the results before providing that intel to clients.

“Our primary research comes from individuals in the industry through one-on-one interviews taken by our analysts and the professionals and key opinion leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries within the regions that we operate,” explains Director Lorrie Berg-Henne. This allows the company to deliver impactful reports tailored to the specific needs of each client, while ensuring all information is up to date.

One of their lesser-known services, the Global Deployment Analyzer (GDA), is touted by Berg-Henne as being “the most comprehensive source of raw data to pharmaceutical professionals, particularly for market analytics, in the competitive intelligence market.” Currently, over fifty of the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide use it to sort, extract, and export the data they need whenever they want. “The database is regularly updated by our team with a focus on sales force deployment strategies, product priority mix, detailing intensity analysis, benchmarking data such as salary and bonus, call plans for sales representatives, and more,” explains Berg-Henne.

Combined with custom-made reports for their clients, the GDA provides the information pharmaceutical companies need to make critical decisions about development and sales force deployment across the globe.

We have our analysts strategically positioned throughout the world, in the markets where they are conducting research, because they truly need to understand that particular market in that industry

It’s relevant for small and large companies alike, as the subscription can be tailored to the specific therapeutic areas companies want.

PharmaForce works with clients to determine the best delivery methods for the data they collect so meticulously. Currently, reports arrive in two formats: a comprehensive PowerPoint (often 500-750 slides) that marketing departments can dissect overtime, and an excel spreadsheet that allows market analysis teams to grab and analyze the data that most interests their department. Also, in development are mobile access points, such as an app that provides access to their client portal, and ways to connect the data they collect to client UIs currently in use.

As a global company, they understand the benefits of sharing information throughout multiple departments in many countries. Thus, any firm that purchases a report only has to do so once to provide access to any number of employees, as opposed to the pay-per-head policies their competitors have in place. In order to maintain that access without security breaches, individuals no longer employed at the ordering firm are automatically blocked from accessing the data PharmaForce generated.

Their success as a company is marked by extensive, inter-departmental cooperation. Berg-Henne particularly enjoys her ability to enhance collaboration between business units that don’t normally interact together to generate new ideas and introduce new products that are better tailored to their clients’ needs.

In the meantime, Berg-Henne says they look after their clients’ interests by “constantly monitoring the market so that we can see what the upcoming trends are, and identify what our customers will not only need in the next six months, but the next twelve months.”
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