Sales Performance International: The Next Frontier of Sales Performance Optimization

Sales Performance International: The Next Frontier of Sales Performance Optimization

CIO VendorBrad Ansley, Director
The healthcare dollar is a prime contributor to a nation’s GDP with surveyed reports registering exceptional growth rates worldwide. Concerned with the sustainability of this rapid growth, government entities in the U.S. are imposing regulatory standards that ensure the ‘value over volume’ of healthcare services. Moreover, the regulatory pressures of mandating the practice of evidence-based medicine to drive consistent outcomes has significantly impacted the behavior of healthcare practitioners. This shift has caused a change in expectations among healthcare buyers toward sales representatives, where now they expect sellers to understand the products, disease state, and value drivers of the practice. Due to this change, many sales leaders struggle to distinguish the competencies needed to align their sales organizations with the shifting demands of the modern healthcare buyer. This is where Sales Performance International (SPI) steps in to guide these organizations through this complex market transformation, using its unique performance development platform and instructor lead training.

Founded in 1988, SPI helps sales leaders choose better sales competencies across market penetration, product and market development, and diversification. Enabling sales leaders to devise go-to-market approaches based on strategies that work best for them. SPI’s performance development platform helps sales leaders understand which competencies they need to develop in sellers based on their strategies. Brad Ansley, Director of SPI Health, says, “We equip the sales leaders with tools to impart appropriate developmental and training exercises for the sales representatives to align with their desired sales strategies.”

Traditionally, sales organizations took a linear approach to training programs that aligned with their perceived needs-analysis. A broader learning event is conducted and sellers are briefed solely on the product. Understanding is measured at the end of the workshop, but rarely reinforced beyond the event.

We enable the sales leaders with tools to impart effective developmental and training activities for the sales representatives that align with their desired sales strategies

SPI’s performance development platform brings an agile angle to trainings, where learning is conducted around specific competencies and analytics are applied to track the behavior change of the organization and individual sellers, long after the learning event takes place.

After defining individual goals and mapping specific sales competencies to desired outcomes, SPI assesses teams and designs customized learning and development plans. With a world-class library of performance training curriculum, SPI leverages its resources to encompass the entire sales process from the initial contact to the close of the sale. “Through the power of analytics, we have been able to assess individual, team, and company growth against the key competencies based on the client’s sales strategies. That provides us with a great insight on understanding that enables the assignment of specific learning for individual sales representatives,” says Ansley.

Demonstrating the success of SPI’s customer engagement initiatives, Ansley shares the case study of a U.S. based fortune 100 pharmaceutical company, where SPI’s specific sales competencies enabled them to overcome low market share and register an astounding 40 percent increase in their prescription share in just six months.

Expanding its presence in Brussels, Shanghai, Canada, and the UK, SPI has established its prominence as a global organization with esteemed partners across the world. Moving forward on its journey from a technological perspective, SPI has a head start in the marketplace through its performance development platform, backed with plans of funding innovations to make the platform more accurate and predictive in the future. On the learning side, SPI plans to drive its future investments toward developing a learning application for sales organizations. “We plan to equip them with AI-powered tools, integrated with their CRM and Salesforce platforms to apply learning and predict their day-to-day behavior and lasting behavior change,” concludes Ansley.