SHYFT Analytics: Enterprise Cloud to Transform Healthcare Data into Actionable Insights

SHYFT Analytics: Enterprise Cloud to Transform Healthcare Data into Actionable Insights

CIO VendorZack King, CEO and Co-Founder
As data is constantly evolving and healthcare spending continues to increase, providers are scrambling to find ways to effectively control costs and engage efficiently with patients. There is an increasing demand for advanced business strategies and real-time insights that cater to patient demands and increase efficiency, but how will healthcare providers get there? “For the healthcare industry, the cloud seems a natural fit,” reflects Zack King, CEO and Co-Founder. From electronic health records(EHR) to data storage to software as a service (SaaS) capabilities, cloud-based products offer lower costs, greater capacity for scalability, dedicated service and support, and near-continuous uptime. Employing such multi-dimensional features SHYFT Analytics leverages its cloud-based platform, to help life science companies integrate clinical and commercial data and translate it into patient-centric intelligence.

SHYFT is a suite of secure, cloud-based solutions built on advanced commercial technologies. This cloud-based platform delivers insights across multiple platforms including mobile devices, in a secure, encrypted environment. With expertise in cloud data management and mobile analytics SHYFT can be used across functional groups, shortening development cycles and commercialization activities while improving the probability of success.

With a long history of success and deep client partnerships, King remarks, “We understand the market transformation and the actionable intelligence required for successful launch, growth and maintenance of new therapies.” SHYFT allows clients to integrate their network of commercial and clinical data with an unprecedented level of ease and accuracy. Driven by its unique library of pre-built adaptors, frameworks, and application program interfaces, SHYFT eliminates the complexity, excessive cost and risk previously associated with legacy systems.

For the healthcare industry, the cloud seems a natural fit

Designed for healthcare, SHYFT platform provides the fastest way to transform clinical and commercial data into novel insights and achieve significant scale and agility. It offers automated delivery of guided analytics across the business designed to answer critically relevant business questions. Compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) regulations, SHYFT is capable of processing terabytes of data and querying billions of records in seconds. Its flexible design allows new data sources to be added with ease. With SHYFT, solutions are deployed in the cloud in weeks at a fraction of the cost of legacy applications.

With an intuitive interface that can be tailored to each user, SHYFT bridges performance across clients’ organizations and delivers 360 degree visibility of the current market, accounts, physicians, and patients. “At SHYFT, we collaborate with our clients to ensure their success not only today, but in the future by providing flexible, agile solutions based on deep industry expertise,” says King. In addition, as the organizations become increasingly virtual, healthcare providers must offer employees access to information wherever and whenever they need it, regardless of device. SHYFT utilizes HTML5 to enable its solutions to be used across all platforms including mobile devices, laptops or desktops.

The company’s domain experts are well versed with how to best leverage leading cloud technologies to help clients realize higher return on investment (ROI), create actionable analyses to drive commercial success, and address critical business challenges to ensure long term success. With an impressive customer retention rate, SHYFT Analytics is committed to client’s success and serve as a true partner in the transformation.