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StayinFront, Inc.: Do More, Know More and Sell More

Graham Hislop, MD, StayinFront, IncGraham Hislop, MD
As large health systems and local providers transition to a more patient-focused business model, interesting challenges arise for the companies that work directly with them. Life science companies must remain competitive in the marketplace through continued customer engagement, forging new, mutually beneficial partnerships, and above all else, strategically manage their costs. To do so effectively, businesses in the life science sector are challenged with creating and implementing a better, more effective way to reach target customers, and more often than not, that reach is made palpable with the help of smart technology.

StayinFront, a full-service provider of mobile cloud-based CRM solutions, answers the call from life science companies around the world, delivering complete solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. Graham Hislop, Managing Director of StayinFront Canada, states, “Controlling costs and getting timely, relevant data into the hands of the people who need it to make decisions are two real challenges facing the industry. CRM systems make up a significant portion of sales and marketing budgets, but the ROI is often low or not measured at all.”

StayinFront’s technology is developed in-house with a laser focus on cost and operational efficiency. Customers receive the highest quality mobile technology, rapid implementation service and ongoing support, without the added cost of utilizing multiple vendors or applications. Hislop explains, “This single source of accountability approach makes StayinFront less expensive to implement, train, manage, and support.”

The company’s cloud-based, self-serve analytics solution, StayinFront PharmaBI™, eliminates the labor-intensive challenge of collecting, manipulating and distributing data from disparate databases. The product, with a powerful front-end BI reporting, analysis and dashboard tool, organizes, consolidates and standardizes data into a single repository.

What makes us stand out is our relentless focus on delivering solutions that enable life science companies to do more with their data, know more about their target customers and ultimately, sell more

Companies are then able to collaborate and share information across the entire organization in a timely, easily consumable format.

Hislop states, “Providing mashups of internal and external data means that end users, like sales and marketing teams, can look at physician prescribing habits, market trends and anomalies, as well as track sales effectiveness by analyzing activities such as sales targets, call objectives and call frequency. The simplification and democratization of critical data and seamless deployment of valuable reports improves sales decision-making and helps drive profitability.”

In addition to providing analytic tools for internal business operations, key information and metrics to representatives in the field. The broad range of features offered in StayinFront TouchRx® and StayinFront EdgeRx® support various roles throughout life science companies, including primary care, institutional sales, MSLs and field managers. Each department has the tools necessary to maximize their time in territory through relevant analytics, sophisticated scheduling, mapping, and target tracking.

Hislop explains the force behind StayinFront’s success, stating, “What makes us stand out is our relentless commitment to enabling life science companies to do more with their data, know more about their target customers and ultimately, sell more effectively, while essentially, paying less.” The company continues to invest in its technology solutions, recently embedding StayinFront Chat™, a new social messaging and collaboration tool, into TouchRx and has plans to launch a cost-effective content management system for managers and field reps that leverages the extensive health care professional postal and email databases of its sister company, Redi-Data.
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