Twine Analytics: Technology for Life Science Data Analytics

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Twine Analytics: Technology for Life Science Data Analytics

Ashwin Dandekar, CEO & Co-founder, Twine AnalyticsAshwin Dandekar, CEO & Co-founder
The big data revolution is coming to the life science industry. While there has been a lot of talk about the use of big data for research and development applications in the bio-pharmaceutical space, there has been little if any application of these new big data methodologies and technologies to the commercial analytics domain in life science. These new approaches that are commonplace in other industries are now coming to the pharmaceutical industry thanks to companies like Twine Analytics.

One of the key drivers of this change is the availability and accessibility to a significantly greater volume and variety of data. This includes public data sources that provide a tremendous amount of insights on the market that a new drug is about to be launched into, including information on how the disease is being currently managed and detailed information about the key provider institutions and physicians treating the disease. This information when combined with the information collected by the plethora of third-party data vendors and the information collected by the pharmaceutical company itself can be tremendously valuable to make commercial decisions. Twine Analytics was founded to help life science companies gather and integrate all of this data, analyze it and make better commercial decisions.

“Pharmaceutical companies spend a fortune on gathering data about their customers, but do a sub-optimal job of integrating it at the customer level and using it to make dynamic decisions,” says Ashwin Dandekar, Co-Founder and CEO, Twine Analytics—an innovator in pharma analytics. Twine brings the latest advances in big data infrastructure and analytic methodologies to the pharmaceutical industry, allowing their clients to access and make better use of the data to make decisions.

We have the most advanced SPARK based technology stack customized for use by pharmaceutical companies

Twine offers solutions in two primary areas. Building customized big data infrastructure for clients or providing them with out-of-the-box applications. Twine has worked with clients to upgrade their data management and analytics infrastructure using its proprietary big-data technology stack that includes a HADOOP data warehouse and Twine-developed data models, methodologies and pre-built tool libraries. Twine relies on open source SPARK and the Twine team has contributed to developing a large number of pharma-specific libraries within SPARK. The biggest advantage of these upgrades has been the speed and efficiency of data management, including unstructured data, as well as true data integration at individual customer level. Twine has also used its in-house platform to provide end-user applications for clients in a number of areas, including Key Customer and Opinion Leader Identification and Mapping, Next Best Action Recommendation Engines for Sales and Marketing programs.

Twine is an extremely innovative company that is constantly evolving their product and service offerings based on the changing market needs and advances in technology. “There isn’t one product that works for all our clients, and we take a tailored approach to each and every client situation before designing and delivering a product that is custom built yet scalable to meet the changing needs of our clients,” says Dandekar. This custom approach is what differentiated Twine from the host of companies trying to play in this pharma commercial analytics space. The other key differentiator is the unique combination of the depth of pharma domain specific analytics experience with big-data analytics and technology experience from other industries.

The Twine team predicts a future where every pharmaceutical company will have ready access to a much larger volume and variety of data and will use it to make better commercial decisions. Twine hopes to help these companies gain a competitive advantage in these efforts.
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