Vestrum Health: Pharmaceutical Data Analytics for Real-Time Insights

Vestrum Health: Pharmaceutical Data Analytics for Real-Time Insights

Tom Brogan, CEO, Vestrum HealthTom Brogan, CEO
When Tom Brogan, founder of healthcare analytics company, Brogan, Inc., joined Vestrum Health as CEO and chairman, and the wheels were set into motion. Together with Vestrum COO, Nadeem Ahmad, a 20-year healthcare data industry leader, Brogan has successfully transformed Vestrum Health into a nationally recognized leader in the healthcare data analytics. Their complementary skill sets, combined with Vestrum Health’s seasoned team of analysts bring “big data” intelligence to even the smallest physician practices, and to pharma companies of all sizes and development phases including the smallest start-up ventures.

Physicians are now better equipped to improve office efficiencies, deal with payer challenges, monitor referring physicians, benchmark themselves against other similar physicians, identify patients for clinical trials and author papers based on an extensive data set. Vestrum exposes data and trends not available to physicians from their own EHR software by disentangling the many text fields within the records.

Industry clients now have real-world evidence explaining the most intricate treatment patterns and patient outcomes, understanding the clinical circumstances behind the use of medicines and treatments in addition to speeding up the recruitment of patients for clinical trials. Its reports are used by marketing, medical departments, and executive offices.

Vestrum’s ability to provide the most timely and detailed analysis begins with a strong relationship with its physician network from whom the company receives granular EHR data as well as information on their decision making. These longitudinal patient-level data do not include Personal Health Information (PHI). Its large and rapidly growing Electronic Health Records (EHR) data holdings, and complex system to extract usable information from otherwise hidden data within the EHR data, provide the backbone for the analysis. Vestrum Health’s robust analytics system managed by a team of experts utilizes its deep understanding of the data along with sophisticated algorithms to provide clients with reliable business insights.

Vestrum has a track record of innovation, superior client services and long experience which places it in a great position to help both its physician panel and commercial clients

Vestrum reports can be as frequent as weekly giving clients near real-time visibility into market trends. “Vestrum’s unique advantage is the extremely detailed information it develops from its powerful EHR database and algorithms used to derive previously hidden information, supplemented by explanations from physicians in its panel to provide the most meaningful insights available today,” says Brogan.

Brogan attributes the company’s significant growth to its ability to distill complex data into meaningful answers to essential client questions. He goes on to explain, “Our reputation for top quality data services really derives from our ability to develop the proper analysis and present those facts in understandable statistical tables and graphics. We take great care in ensuring clients understand the findings and use our experience to ensure we are answering the clients’ underlying questions.”

In one such instance, a health economics team approached Vestrum Health for help in dealing with incomplete and contradictory data from another source. The Vestrum team provided vital insights into how healthcare practices operate and physicians’ made decisions related to particular patient-level clinical information. Equipped with this new knowledge and perspective, the client was able to add a meaningful level of detail, and use Vestrum’s more current and robust data set to complete the report.

Brogan is not content to rest on the company’s laurels. It is continually innovating—most recently developing a service that identifies patients for clinical trials. It is in regular discussions with physicians and practice administrators and working with pharma clients to generate information to help meet the challenges of the increasingly competitive retina field.

Brogan sees the need for both physicians and manufacturers to deal with payers challenging their costs and efficiencies through the use of real-world evidence. Innovation will be key in the information service industry.
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