ZS Associates: Transforming Sales and Marketing through Analytics

ZS Associates: Transforming Sales and Marketing through Analytics

CIO VendorJeff Gold Managing, Partner
New and emerging trends are finding their way into the pharmaceutical ecosystem. With the increased rate of technology adoption, pharmaceutical companies are undergoing a transition across the three wings of data management—data collection, data sharing, and data analytics – especially as it relates to sales and marketing. Often, disparate data sources, huge volumes of external and internal data, disjointed processes and budgetary constraints pose challenges toward accurate and comprehensive measurement and monitoring of commercial performance within the pharmaceutical industry. Companies today seek an analytics solution to gain a comprehensive view of their customers to make more informed decisions. This is where ZS Associates comes in. Jeff Gold, Managing Partner, ZS Associates explains, “ZS pairs analytics with a deep understanding of how to develop the linkages across sales and marketing to help pharmaceutical companies deliver an integrated and targeted customer experience.”

Headquartered in Evanston, IL, ZS Associates provides advanced data integration and management solutions, deploying innovative analytical capabilities, to provide sales and marketing insight for their customers. “The combination of our domain expertise in commercial pharma and our world-class technology and operational solutions allow us to build analytical capabilities for our clients that give them a competitive advantage. New capabilities to predict customer behaviors or improve targeting and customer channel preferences directly impact their bottom lines,” states Gold.

ZS has a portfolio of software and technology solutions for the life sciences industry. “ZS embeds our deep domain expertise into our products, accelerators and analytics. It’s what makes us stand apart from so many competitors in the space,” comments Gold. ZS’s JavelinTM suite of SaaS solutions, leveraged by many of the top pharmaceutical companies, streamlines and automates sales business processes, improves sales decision-making, and helps drive profitability. The Javelin™ Sales Compensation solution automates and streamlines the compensation process for ZS’s clients while ensuring accurate payouts.

The combination of our domain expertise in commercial pharma and our world-class technology and operational solutions allow us to build analytical capabilities for our clients.

Analysts, reps and managers are also able to gain insight into performance leveraging configurable, interactive mobile reports and analytics.Javelin™ Sales Planning solutions help organizations design and manage smarter, more profitable sales territories and targeted call plans in an ever-changing market.

The company’s ARTiSTM solution provides end-to-end data management, analytics and reporting. ZS often partners with and bundles ARTiS with other data management and reporting technologies – such as an Oracle® database and the MicroStrategy® Analytics Platform – to take advantage of best-in-class technologies quickly and economically.

ZS works with leading pharmaceutical clients to solve their toughest challenges. For example, with an impressive growth trajectory, Allergan—a global pharmaceutical company—was facing new data challenges. They were looking for a solution to help them improve the consistency, efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and transparency of their data. Allergan decided to implement ZS’s ARTiS™ solution to collect cleaner data and have a “single source of truth.” This resulted in 75 percent cycle time reduction in processing complicated SPP data and 85 percent user adoption of mobile reports.

As the market evolves, ZS will continue to lead by delivering more innovative solutions. “ZS will continue to invest heavily in our analytics and technology offerings to address the changing needs of our clients– including new solutions to operationalize forecasting and contracting analytics, drive excellence in Research & Development, and enhance the effectiveness of commercial analytics. We’ll achieve this by leveraging the leading technologies to integrate structured and unstructured data from EMR, wearable technology, medical claims, and social media,” says Gold. The possibilities are endless, as ZS focuses its energy on delivering innovations in analytics to help transform sales and marketing effectiveness for years to come.