81qd: Analytics to Improve Patient Outcomes

81qd: Analytics to Improve Patient Outcomes

CIO VendorBob Gabruk, Managing Director
The biopharmaceutical industry strives to help clinicians recognize and diagnose diseases earlier and expedite the diffusion of therapeutic innovations to improve patient outcomes. Biopharmaceutical companies have started to embrace analytics to address these challenges. However, health care datasets are growing at an exponential rate, making it difficult for companies to extract, manage, and leverage the useful insights contained in the data to achieve their desired objectives. 81qd, an advanced health care data analytics company, accelerates the process of getting the right therapies to the right patients by using machine learning–based algorithms to harness the power of patient-centric datasets and produce actionable results. 81qd’s proprietary platforms provide customized, high-value, cost-effective solutions that maximize the commercial potential of its clients’ brands. “Our solutions use well-vetted machine learning-based algorithms that have been exclusively designed to address multiple business needs of the biopharmaceutical industry,” says Bob Gabruk, Managing Director of 81qd.

ORION is 81qd’s patient-finding solution, employing predictive analytics and machine learning-based algorithms that examine real-world data to identify yet-to-be-diagnosed patients with difficult-to-diagnose diseases, facilitating earlier diagnosis and treatment by clinicians. Importantly, this solution enables patients to be mapped to actual clinician practices where they are currently being managed for other conditions, thereby considerably increasing the actionability of the results. 81qd’s other solutions focus on the identification, profiling, and management of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and local clinical leaders to help facilitate the diffusion of therapeutic innovations.

Bringing together AI with predictive analytics and real-world data will be game-changing by helping to improve patient outcomes

This core subgroup of experts has the unique ability to impact the care of patients well beyond their own practices.As leaders within their networks, these highly regarded and influential clinicians measurably impact the clinical behavior of their peers within their networks and thus have the power to facilitate the adoption of therapeutic approaches to optimize patient outcomes.

With a keen understanding of the power of clinical leadership within a network, 81qd developed PLEXUS, an AI-driven network-mapping analytics solution that identifies the clinical leaders who have the greatest measurable ability to impact clinical behavior at a local level.ACUITY is 81qd’s stakeholder management platform that houses expert profiles, helping biopharmaceutical companies identify appropriate experts for various engagements. Collectively, these solutions help optimize patient care by facilitating the diffusion of therapeutic innovations.

81qd is a subsidiary of Medical Knowledge Group, a holding company of industry-leading marketing services and data analytics companies. The collaboration between companies ensures that the actionable insights gleaned through analytic solutions are pulled through. “The right medical and marketing expertise is essential to ensuring the insights we provide become actionable,” says Gabruk. He credits the continued success of 81qd to his team, “The people in our organization are leaders in the field and passionate about their work, which is the most important ingredient for success. Apart from business acumen, data science capabilities, and technologic proficiency, teamwork between the multiple disciplines within 81qd is the key ingredient to our success.”
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