Fuzzy Logix: Breaking the Conventional Settings of Analytics

Fuzzy Logix: Breaking the Conventional Settings of Analytics

CIO VendorPartha Sen, Founder and CEO
Organizations across industries are excited with the potential associated with big data. Immense data, streaming from every sphere, has increased the eminence of analytics-healthcare and pharmaceutical firms being the first few to explore the limits of analytical tools. Advancing in this landscape, Fuzzy Logix, a predictive analytics software and services company provides upgraded horizontal solutions that include different algorithms, which analysts can use for analyzing large volumes of data. As analytics encompasses applications for diverse fields in this industry such as clinical trials and aftermarket space, the company provides reliable and easy-to-use solutions for each of these areas. “The growing complexity of clinical trials requires analytics to synthesize data, while aftermarket arena requires it for drug safety analysis or to stay compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations,” explains Partha Sen, Founder and CEO, Fuzzy Logix. Further, since medical representatives are responsible for selling drugs and creating awareness, pharma companies usually indulge in cost-benefit analysis to optimize these movable limited resources. Fuzzy Logix assists these firms to understand and analyze the areas to be focused for selling branded drugs.

“We provide statistical analytics methods or tools through DB Lytix, our in-database library, to evaluate large volumes of data,” cites Sen. Fuzzy Logix’s DB Lytix has the statistical functions that can be performed inside the database, without actually moving the data. The company’s Real World Analytics Accelerator (RWEAA) solution for pharma companies is enabled through DB Lytix to deliver the database and analytics products needed to increase productivity and lower operating costs. RWEAA improves the efficiency of clinical trials and gift sampling using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) approach-a class of algorithms for sampling from a probability distribution.

We provide statistical analytics methods or tools through DB Lytix, our in-database library, to evaluate large volumes of data

Further, the company’s Real World Evidence (RWE) analysis is also hosted on DB Lytix and helps in analyzing the aftermarket data to prove the effectiveness of the drug by creating samples to be used by firms, using an algorithm called ‘matchit’.

DB Lytix is available on a host of platforms like IBM and Oracle. In addition, since many firms are performing analysis with R data analytics-open source language, which requires movement of data slowing down the process, Fuzzy Logix’s adapter allows them to compose their codes in R syntax, without indulging into the problem of moving the data. If these firms are performing logistics or linear regression, they can execute the same R code through a directive, which places it into DB Lytix code generating results in R data frames.

Fuzzy Logix is a multi-dimensional company, facilitating revolutionary methods of carrying analytics. Paraphrasing Partha, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies generate huge amounts of data, on which they try to perform different conventional analytics but are unsuccessful as they run out of memory. Being a multi-user environment, it brings down the system and servers to a halt. Fuzzy Logix attempts to solve the issue in Teradata within a few minutes, which otherwise takes several hours via conventional techniques.

“Our technology is scalable and it allows analysts to handle data faster, without any additional hardware or networking gear,” says Sen. He announces that the company will soon launch DB Lytix on the Hadoop platform and is working with graphics processing units (GPU) to accelerate analytics. Recently, Fuzzy Logix raised five million dollars in venture capital for future expansion, which will include new products to ensure they continue to stand out as a distinct analytics solution provider.