Medable: Driving Clinical Trial Innovation

Medable: Driving Clinical Trial Innovation

CIO VendorMichelle Longmire, CEO
Five years ago, Michelle Longmire—a physician and specialist in the field of epigenetics and autoimmune diseases—realized that patient experience and data capture in clinical trials could be dramatically improved by incorporating mobile.

In 2012 she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey aimed at improving patient connectivity and decentralizing data collection to make it more ubiquitous through mobile technology. Longmire led an effort to create a comprehensive platform to transform clinical trials to be patient centric with next generation data collection.

“When data collection is limited to face-to-face clinic visits, we miss 99 percent of the possible insights,” says Longmire. “Mobile opens the door to capturing the real-world data perspective on patient’s life, while on trial. Data types such as daily weight, blood pressure, physical activity level, and even environmental information such as air quality and U.V. index influence health and, potentially, trial outcomes. If we leverage mobile applications to collect data continuously, it could help us better understand clinical trials and better understand responders, non-responders, and quality of life measures.” Medable’s Axon enables mobile applications for clinical trials that collect key patient data and provide real-time access to this data by clinical sites for improved management and safety and to sponsors for better and more well informed clinical trial endpoints.

The tightly regulated biopharmaceutical industry is at the cusp of technology transformation. Data that is ubiquitous rather than sparse will enable biopharma exponential gains in trial results. Additionally, the same tools improve patient engagement and adherence, which furthers the benefit. Many biopharma companies are frustrated with high clinical trial costs, inconvenience, and low patient retention rate. Medable harnesses the power of mobile technology to solve these challenges. Medable’s platform includes compliance guidance for the development of innovative trial and medication companion apps.

We leverage innovative technology to individualize care

The platform enables biopharma companies to perform analysis of patient data without interfering with clinical endpoints and leverage leading machine learning automation of high expense processes.

Medable’s product portfolio features its Axon, Cortex, and Cerebrum solutions. Medable’s Axon—the first and only SmartStudy system—is a clinical trial mobile solution that allows researchers to build an end-to-end iOS and Android application for capturing patient data. Cortex is a cloud platform specifically built for clinical trial sites and sponsors to provide the required tools for developing and scaling secure custom health apps. Cerebrum is Medable’s analytics system; it leverages clinical trial data in combination with diagnostic data to identify patterns and insights for driving decisive actions. Medable’s solutions address health data at the technology and architectural level to ensure compliance, security, and safety for all the participants involved in the pharmaceutical business.

Medable has numerous pharma use-cases, including a biologic immunotherapy for oncology. The immunotherapy has a number of side effects that if identified too late can impact retention on the trial. Medable worked closely with the trial sponsor to create a mobile solution to improve patient safety by enabling swift and effective side effect reporting with improved care connectivity and access to medical advice. “The aim was to effectively manage adverse effects and improve retention on trials,” says Longmire. The drive for efficiency and improvement has been a vital aspect of Medable’s DNA. “We are the only health platform company providing health prediction and precision across massive mobile app datasets. We leverage innovative technology to individualize care and unlock new insights and understanding around patients, drug therapy, and site performance,” adds Longmire.

Medable’s platform is so dynamic that other health sectors, like payers, academic researchers and device makers, are using the platform to fuel their apps and gain insights, too. “We want to enable a transformation to better understand human health through clinical trial innovation,” concludes Longmire.