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Pharmafusion360: The New Standard for Business Analytics Solutions

Jonathan Retano, Founder & CEO, Pharmafusion360Jonathan Retano, Founder & CEO
Pharmaceutical and biotech industry veteran Jonathan Retano uses common sense approach with company’s comprehensive suite of innovative solutions.

Privately held Pharmafusion LLC offers clients an all-inclusive, cloud-based business analytics platform designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Essentially a one-stop-shop for fresh data, the company’s core product, Pharmafusion360°, delivers customizable reports and dashboards rapidly from diverse data sources to support pre and post commercialization efforts.

Based on an award-winning approach developed by company founder and CEO, Jonathan Retano, along with a team of forward-thinking healthcare professionals, Pharmafusion360° provides insight from nearly 50 subject areas from a multidimensional enterprise data warehouse built explicitly for pharma. The data is presented via web and tablet enabled reports and executive dashboards essential for business analytics.

Data proliferation in the pharmaceutical sector today makes extracting, managing, and leveraging useful data an uphill task. Continuing price pressures, increased competition, managed-care issues, or government and public challenges to get scripts paid for, in concert with other important factors, makes understanding these dynamics and gaining better insights into data a definite must.

As a recognized thought leader with nearly 20 years’ experience that includes building a managed care and trade group at Mission Pharmacal Company and an award-winning data warehouse platform at Impax Labs, Retano is on a mission to help the pharma industry solve some of today’s challenges and drive profitability through Pharmafusion360°. He describes the platform as an asset similar to the Smart TV for pharmaceutical analytics, with multiple channels covering a vast array of datasets on a single integrated cloud-based platform. There are channels for marketing, field sales, managed-care, trade clinical, regulatory, business development, finance, and more.

It is a complete solution that is flexible, consumer-friendly, and easy to use. This makes Pharmafusion360° unique, a one-stop-shop for all pharmaceutical business analytics needs

Pharmafusion360° has benefits for organizations in any stage of the commercialization process: veteran pharma, emerging pharma, and even pre-commercial pharma.

Once the datasets are integrated, new insights can be derived by combining previously disparate information. The platform’s easy-to-interpret visualizations and dashboards empower users to discern real-world business insights while leveraging data for smarter and quicker decision-making. Users can subscribe to datasets or “channels” on a subscription basis and access the dashboards. The company also provides Concierge Service Analytics as a part of their subscription for quick and easy access to subject matter experts.

From daily notification of price changes to new entrants and generic equivalents-linked drugs to FDA filings, Pharmafusion360° helps in monitoring the competitor’s activity in the user-related drug classes.

An industry veteran describes his experience working with the Pharmafusion360° platform. “It’s a tool that has given our company a level of analytics and ease of use that is helping transform our business,” he says. “Being a nationwide pharmacy partner to pharmaceutical manufacturers, data is extremely important. The information and dashboards Retano have constructed will give us a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

“Pharmafusion is about more than technology,” says Retano. “It’s about analytics, answers, and action. It is about the right people having the right information at the right time in an easy to understand format at a cost they can afford. Having the data integrated into one solution allows us to combine data sets for deeper insights. Without an integrated solution, this cross-pollination could not happen. We provide our clients with the means to answer questions that are critical when it comes to business analytics for commercial pharmaceutical and biotech operations in both the branded and generic markets. There is something for everyone.”
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