Quartesian: Expert Analytics and Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials

Quartesian: Expert Analytics and Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Nowhere is the wisdom within this quote of Benjamin Franklin more implicit than in the clinical trials space. Given the complexities in digitization of trials processes, clinical data expertise has become an imperative need. However, cost challenges, lack of expert professionals, and fragmented solution providers can obfuscate the very road map of trials and programs, or worse, can even derail them. Back in the day, when the early rays of IT began to truly dawn upon the clinical trials space, Quartesian blossomed as a versatile solution provider to their clients. Fast forward 15 years and today, Quartesian has positioned itself as an all-rounder in the space.

With offices across Asia and Americas meant to derive the best out of local skill pools, Quartesian has proved to be a one-stop-shop for quick, reliable, and affordable Full Service Provision (FUP) outsourcing with core competencies ranging from clinical data management to biostatistics, statistical programming, data visualization and analytics, reporting and medical writing. Indicative of the company’s edge in the market is the fact that Quartesian has achieved 100 percent repeat business from their clients pertaining to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices.

Quartesian’s expertise in leveraging data has enabled them to gain a holistic view of the changing trends in the trials space and subsequently align their solutions accordingly. As such, the buzz around remote and risk-based monitoring (RBM) in the recent past has been of the company’s interest. Last year, when the new ICH guidelines, emphasizing on standardized adoption and implementation of risk-based monitoring, began to create ripples in the CRO expanse, Quartesian was ever-ready and equipped to sail ahead the waves of regulatory transformations. “We have partnered with one of the key opinion leaders in the RBM space. Our remote monitoring team in India comprises data managers and expert statisticians. They also work in tandem with some of the CROs who do monitoring on site, which in turn hones our team’s skills in areas of central monitoring.
It is a collaborative effort bringing in all the experts together to analyze the data holistically,” says Soumitra S Chowdhury Co-founder and COO at Quartesian.

We continue to build upon the years of experience in analytics to focus on to provide utmost value to our customers

Chowdhury narrates an instance of how Quartesian’s remote monitoring saved the day for one of their sponsors. A study spanning across a 100 sites with close to 2600 patients, was spiraling out of control. Also, the CRO that they initially partnered with had little provisions for monitoring. When Quartesian came in, they leveraged the powerful data visualization tool Spotfire, to identify key risk indicators. Protocol deviations, low performing sites, unskilled personnel, and patient dropouts were among the alarming factors that Quartesian brought to light. Soon, the trial was back on track and in full swing. With such value proposition, Quartesian excels as the ‘watchdog’ for their CRO partners.

A data company at its core, Quartesian has the prowess to leverage analytics for aspects beyond study conduct. Mining social media to identify the right population for clinical trial recruitment and retention, and analytics on actual usage of study drugs in the standard care and its effect on patient population are amongst the company’s capabilities. Furthermore, Quartesian’s previous stints with several Electronic Data Collections vendors has enabled the company’s innovation labs to build their own eSourcing tool for Generic studies which they plan to roll out soon; this will turn out as a significant cost cutter for Quartesian’s clients. “We continue to build upon the years of experience in analytics to focus on providing the utmost value to our customers,” concludes Chowdhury.