StayinFront: Enhancing Field Reps' Effectiveness

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StayinFront: Enhancing Field Reps' Effectiveness

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Ken Arbadji,  VP of Sales, North America, StayinFrontKen Arbadji, VP of Sales, North America
The days of endless marketing budgets to support pharmaceutical sales reps are a thing of the past. Pharmaceutical companies are more strategic today about how they approach marketing spend and their investment in field sales, combined with the fact that companies have reduced access to healthcare professionals, presents new strategic challenges for those in charge of setting strategies. Field reps, therefore, should have the capability to distinguish their products from those of their competitors and clearly present their advantages. With two decades of experience in delivering mobile field force solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, StayinFront has developed a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by organizations in this industry. To help pharmaceutical organizations mitigate such challenges, StayinFront focuses on providing field reps and managers with the tools that help them perform better and maximize their time with healthcare professionals. “We have developed a flexible mobile solution that allows us to deliver the tools to help organizations better target, prepare, and execute business plans,” says Ken Arbadji, VP of Sales, North America at StayinFront. The toolset encompasses dashboards, KPIs, and analytics that provide reps with the tools that enable them to know more about their territories, and the in-depth details regarding their reps’ efforts and performance for management.

StayinFront’s core product, TouchRx®, has been designed for the pharmaceutical industry and includes a plethora of features aimed to help organizations boost their sales. By leveraging this solution, reps can effectively manage their territories, maximize their communication and engagement, and easily capture, track and store key aspects of their activities.
On the back-end, Head Office can view and analyze data from the CRM to understand trends, monitor and track sales, and compare territory performance. Integrated within StayinFront TouchRx, is Closed Loop Marketing, which enables field reps to deliver informative, up-to-date, and approved presentations that can contain interactive surveys, videos, and digital brochures to be shared with healthcare professionals. “Our solution is easy to learn, which helps in improving user adoption and maximizing the reps’ production,” adds Arbadji.

In addition, StayinFront Briefcase® enables reps to quickly send follow-up materials about their products to the healthcare professionals after a detail call. Its version-controlled capabilities prevent any outdated information from being passed on. Using this tool, the overall impact can be monitored with the built-in analytics tracking if the healthcare professionals viewed and/or clicked the links that were sent.

TouchRx incorporates a role-based setup, supporting all sales teams with a single system for specific users and needs. For instance, field reps would have visibility over the hospitals in their territory and the corresponding sales data. On the other hand, a regional manager has visibility over the entire region that they oversee. The users will also be able to view detailed reports of all the information corresponding to their area of responsibility.

On the analytics side, the managers have access to their reps’ performance concerning many different parameters such as calls vs. targets, calls vs.non-targets, and more. All details about sales, timelines, sampling, and so on are combined to make relevant results that aid in determining the ROI.

All these features are further strengthened by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the life sciences industry. “We have a single point of accountability support model which includes a first-tier help desk and client service team to support our customers,” adds Arbadji.

To surge ahead of their competitors, StayinFront has been continuously working with their clients to understand their needs and incorporate new features into their products. They have also formed partnerships with third-party support organizations to expand the services they provide to their clients. “We will continue to invest in our solution to make sure that our customers have the tools to do more, know more and sell more in the field,” concludes Arbadji.
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