Technical Resources International, Inc.: Applying Data Science to Health- Research...

Technical Resources International, Inc.: Applying Data Science to Health- Research Decision-Making

Founded in 1979, Technical Resources International, Inc. (Technical Resources International, Inc.) is a certified Hispanic woman-owned full-service contract research organization plus (CRO+). Technical Resources International, Inc. provides product development support services to the global drug, biologic, and medical device community through the effective combination of scientific, clinical, information technology, and communication services. The organization is a repository of a vast amount of data in the form of databases, servers, data marts, and data warehouses. Dr. Cristina Russo, Ph.D. biophysicist and computer scientist, leads Technical Resources International, Inc.’s Data Analytics Team in applying innovative and relevant technological approaches to the data. By applying these approaches Technical Resources International, Inc.’s Data Analytics Team extracts actionable information to best support clients in real-time health research decision making.

One example of where Technical Resources International, Inc.’s clinical analytics and bioinformatics data scientists mine the data to gain efficiencies in trial operations is to identify how to better recruit and retain clinical trial participants. With such investigations, Technical Resources International, Inc. aims to understand how to reduce the time to enroll participants and increase ethnical diversity representation in clinical trials. Another example of actionable data analysis includes the merging of financial and biological datasets, which allows for review of effort and funds incurred in various trials. Finally, Technical Resources International, Inc.’s Data Analytics Team provides Next Genome Sequencing, a massively parallel sequencing method that has revolutionized medical informatics and precision medicine. This cost-effective and high-throughput technique makes it possible to rapidly catalog genomes, transcriptomes, and genetic variants. Technical Resources International, Inc. works with clinical trial sponsors to select the most cost-effective and appropriate sequencing technologies that generate the data necessary for study needs.
“The new trend is to make data accessible, reusable, and easy to find,” remarks Dr. Russo. Technical Resources International, Inc. creates dashboards, websites, and software to allow users access to analytics and solutions at their fingertips via desktop, web, or mobile devices. Technical Resources International, Inc.’s dashboards allow clients to view interactive graphical representations detailing clinical trials underway in different locations across the globe. It allows for the export of graphical displays to more readily inform sponsors about the status of their funds, the reach of their work in benefitting public health, and research advances.

Technical Resources International, Inc. continues to be on the lookout for areas where it can apply technology to gain operational efficiencies and build value for its clients. The company is currently focused on cloud computing, cloud storage, and big data to support drug discovery and microbial research.