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Top 10 Analytics Consulting/Services Companies - 2020


With predictive modeling for biological processes coming into the front, the manufacture of drugs is becoming more sophisticated. Researchers are now experiencing wider access to molecular and clinical data, which is further categorizing the potential molecules that can be transformed into drugs to act on biological targets. R&D in the pharma space is majorly confined within the realms of laboratories, faced with the challenge of unavailability of information and inaccurate results. New-age researchers are, however, making collaborative efforts both internally and externally, consequently breaking silos that segregate internal functions and enriching their data networks and knowledge base. The sole objective of widespread collaboration is to enhance end-to-end integration among all linkages that keep stakeholders in loop regarding research of drugs, their development, commercialization and delivery.

In an ambitious bid to promote telemedicine, more solution providers are now and healthcare applications, along with drones. It may not be long when drones would carry life-saving drugs or defibrillators for patients in remote locations that are difficult for ambulances or doctors to reach. Moreover, neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) are becoming more patient-friendly and reliable; care givers and care receivers are made aware of the NICU complications and the medicines available in the inventories. The pharma industry is witnessing a swift adoption of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology in its diagnostic functions. The collaboration of big data analytics and cloud computing are playing a pivotal role in all biotech and pharmaceutical innovations, making way for new branches of technology in the industry, such as Precision Medicine, Toxgnostic, Pharmacogenomics, and Pharmacoepidemiology. As a result, pharma companies are able to observe a future-ready approach to drug discovery, research and development. We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers - 2020” and “Top 10 Analytics Consulting/Services Companies - 2020.”

    Analytics Consulting/Services Companies

  • Beghou Consulting provides sales force and marketing consulting services to clients in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. The company brings significant expertise in addressing sales and marketing issues and in developing advanced analytic approaches to support its clients'decision-making. Beghou Consulting prides itself on its growing list of long-term clients, for whom they deliver an increasing array of services and analyses. The company’s clients are developing and launching innovative, high-profile products, and as such, require a partner that provides similarly creative insights and processes to support their sales force and marketing management

  • Cobbs Creek Healthcare is an innovative commercial analytics consulting firm with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s mission is to provide the industry with the tools and insights it needs to adapt and adjust to the many changes in science, technology, politics, and legal policies that impact the movement of products from lab to market. Cobbs Creek Healthcare utilizes a unique and proprietary system that incorporates innovative Machine Learning techniques with traditional statistical methods to present a deeper, more efficient, and effective picture of market dynamics

  • Mosaic Solutions Group provides a one-of-a-kind commercial data warehouse for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. This cloud-based single-tenant multi-server data management environment is a single source of truth where every commercial data asset can be integrated. Although Mosaic does not build its own data warehouse, it provides a model for the same, which can react to scale and flexibility, allowing the pharmaceutical companies an easy integration of new data assets and hassle-free application of new business rules. Mosaic gives clients a way to assimilate and integrate all their syndicated or non-retail data feeds and any other commercial data asset that the sales and marketing team is going to use

  • Athenahealth


    athenahealth is a leading provider of network-enabled services and mobile apps for medical groups and health systems. athenahealth partners with hospitals and ambulatory customers to drive clinical and financial results. They offer medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services. Further, the business combines insights from their network of more than 160,000 providers and approximately 117 million patients with deep industry knowledge and perform administrative work at scale. Some of the services offered by the business include revenue cycle management, patient engagement, medical billing, care coordination, population health management, point-of-care mobile apps, Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • AX for Pharma

    AX for Pharma

    AX for Pharma offers extended ERP, manufacturing, and quality solutions optimized for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The enterprise delivers a robust, easy to use, end-to-end pharmaceutical ERP platform tailor-made for the industry. AX for Pharma solutions, powered by Microsoft, meet the needs of pharmaceutical and life sciences companies that need to comply with industry-specific rules, regulations, and guidelines necessary to keep patients safe while successfully meeting or exceeding financial objectives. They empower pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to produce better and safer medicines through automation

  • Axendia


    Established in 2005, Axendia is a principal analyst and strategic advisory firm that focuses exclusively on the life-sciences markets. Since its introduction, industry stakeholders and regulators have relied on Axendia for trusted advice on business, regulatory, and technology issues and trends based on trusted sources. The company serves the entire life-science ecosystem ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, including life-science organizations, technology and service providers, and regulatory agencies. Axendia professionals offer a unique combination of deep hands-on industry experience, coupled with forward thinking insights. They contribute to their client’s success by providing long-range visibility and help them navigate the increasingly complex landscape

  • Catalyst UX

    Catalyst UX

    Catalyst UX is a global firm that designs and builds user experiences (UX) for Medical, Life Sciences, Digital Health, Financial Services, Cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) software. The company’s Unified UX Design methodology, evolved over 500 projects and 20+ years, enables clients to extend apps to mobile and ensure responsiveness across devices. Two to six-person teams of UX Architects, UX Designers, UI Developers, and Social Scientists create elegant and straightforward software experiences that work flawlessly in the most demanding conditions. Catalyst UX provides its clients with highly skilled multi-disciplinary teams or can embed individual UX experts into their organization



    EDETEK is the leading provider of digital clinical trial solutions, including high-quality technology platforms and related services for life sciences teams. The company is an innovative clinical solutions provider that offers high-quality technology platforms and related clinical services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. As a CDISC Registered Solutions Provider and AWS Life Sciences Partner, EDETEK helps clients transform data into assets. Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, and offices in Asia and Europe, EDETEK has delivered innovative solutions since 2009, resulting in unparalleled advantages for clinical development related to data quality, time of completion, and cost-efficiency

  • Framework Solutions

    Framework Solutions

    Framework Solutions offers superior services and solutions to the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry. The company’s Strategic Services group, with its in-depth industry knowledge, transforms its client’s business process through targeted strategy, insight and analytics. Framework Solutions provides pragmatic solutions that match its client’s needs and priorities with industry best practices and benchmarks. Coupled with strategic insights and analytics from critical stakeholders and technology assessment, the company helps to support the end-to-end transformation of its client's review process. The company’s Digital Asset Management group provides Librarian Services, Referencing Optimization, and Digital Asset Audit Reporting

  • Labcyte


    Labcyte Inc., a global biotechnology company, headquartered in San Jose, California, is revolutionizing scientific research with acoustic liquid handling. Labcyte instruments are used worldwide by all twenty of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, as well as by small to mid-size pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, contract research organizations, and academic institutions. Echo Liquid Handlers use sound energy to precisely transfer liquids from the source to the destination plate, resulting in significant advancements in speed, precision, and cost-savings. Labcyte’s customers work across a broad spectrum of biology, including drug discovery, genomics, synthetic biology, proteomics, personalized medicine, and mass spectrometry