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Top 10 Analytics Solution Companies - 2019


Last decade has seen an explosion in the availability of data that can deliver valuable insights for the pharmaceutical sector–from Electronic Medical Records and clinical trial data to medical claims and patient behavior data. All these information types are part of the large and complex data sets that can be vital for pharma to embark onto analytics for driving better services and make informed decisions.

Although, the inherent costs and challenges that come with harnessing large sets of information in varied formats have caused the pharmaceutical sector to embrace analytics slower than other industries. The pharma industry on the other hand, recognizes the huge potential that analytics holds for providing critical insights that could have a major impact on clinical programs as well as commercial activities.

With the growing traction of predictive and prescriptive analytics in the pharma space, the industry has grown more receptive and intrigued of the immense potential that the technology can offer to it. As analytics applications in pharma have evolved from basic reporting and dashboard creation to regulatory compliance reporting, marketing/sales support, and product/service enablement, the current day pharma is looking to venture into a new level of sophistication in analytics technology.

This edition of Pharma Tech Outlook brings you the “Top 10 Analytics Solutions Providers – 2019”. The list features some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that have excelled in their services and product portfolio in the pharma analytics. The list is aimed at bridging the gap between pharma companies and analytics solution providers that are leading space with their technology prowess.  

    Top Analytics Solution Companies

  • Customized, cost-effective health care data analytics solutions to maximize the commercial potential of biopharmaceutical products. An advanced health care data analytics company whose offerings are customized, high-value, brand-specific, cost-effective, and evidence-based

  • Offers a novel open data science platform that is focused on helping data science teams accelerate development and delivery of high impact models

  • Offers a cloud-based, mobile-enabled, informatics and analytics platform for immuno oncology

  • Provides data warehouse and business analytics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Delivers products that have been specifically designed for the pharmaceutical industry to help field reps and managers perform better and maximize their time in the field

  • "A company that captures the value of EHR data for the benefit of physicians, patients, and pharmaceutical manufacturers—turning data into insights"

  • Bigfinite


    Provide solutions for manufacturing pharma that today can not be solved with the current solutions



    It is an industry leader in cloud data management and mobile analytics for the global life sciences industry

  • Signals Analytics

    Signals Analytics

    Creating system of insight that transforms the world’s unconnected data into actions to optimize product portfolio health, accelerate new product development and propel breakthrough innovations

  • Siren


    Providing the unique combination of search, business intelligence, big data, graph and knowledge representation, which we define as Investigative Intelligence, has the potential to strongly advance the way leading organizations address some of the world’s most important problems